Microsoft Points Generator

How to get Free Microsoft points?

I will provide you the necessary steps to obtain free points.

Step 1: Download the Microsoft Points Code Generator

Step 2: Install the code generator

Step 3: Run or Open the application

Step 4: Choose the amount of points

Step 5: Select the SSL option to prevent your account being banned

Step 6: Click the generate button to get the Microsoft Points Code

Step 7: Redeem the code using a Computer or using your Console

This Xbox Live Code Generator can generate codes almost in an instant, simply click the Generate button and the Code will be available instantly. Also there are options for the points, you can choose 1200 points, 1600, 4000 etc. 

We update our Xbox points generator weekly, we also add more than 300 codes weekly to maintain the working codes. After generating a code, there's no waiting time, you can go directly to the Xbox Marketplace to purchase their products like games, maps and add-ons.


Download Microsoft Points Generator

What Is Microsoft Points

Wondering what is Microsoft Points?

Microsoft Points are the official currency of the Xbox Live Marketplace. This points are used to purchase downloadable items like Xbox 360 games, game maps, game add-ons, avatar customization, movies, themes and music. 

This allows users, even without their credit cards, purchase valuable goods from the marketplace. One of the biggest advantage from using Microsoft Points is users can avoid the additional fees they have to pay for using their credit card.

There are free downloadable products from the Xbox Live Marketplace, but mostly the premium goods like full game versions are not free, you have to purchase them using Microsoft Points.